Scandinavian Intensivist Meetings

Is an initiative to enforce Scandinavian academic Intensive Care Medicine. For more than 20 years there has been a network of Scandinavian intensivists collaborating to strengthen Intensive Care Medicine in Scandinavia. This has to a large extent been within SSAI and within ESICM. We have started and developed the Scandinavian intensivist training program within SSAI, and we have started and developed SSCTG, the research network.

For the future we feel that a regular meeting-point would be advantageous to keep up and strengthen the network. Launching the Scandinavian Intensivist Meeting we hope will serve this purpose. The concept is a biannual meeting in June in Helsinki, thematic, single-session, low-budget. Short presentations and plenty of time for discussions. Also room for reports from and discussions over ongoing activities within, SSCTG, SSAI and the national registries. For the initial 3 meetings 2014-2018, SSAI has generously offered an economic guarantee.

The themes will be chosen to reflect and highlight areas of Intensive Care Medicine, which are well represented within Scandinavian academic Intensive Care Medicine. We hope that senior profiles as well as the younger runner-ups will make it a priority to be present at the meetings to sustain and develop the network.

Anyone who is interested to promote and be a part of academic Intensive Care Medicine is welcome to join the meeting.

Our third meeting June 6-8 2018 will have ‘Metabolic aspects of shock’ as theme. The choice is obvious, there as the presence of ICU registries in all Scandinavian countries give us exceptional possibilities. We hope that as many as possible of working groups using these registries, or in other ways focus upon ICU outcomes, choose to come and share their work with us and each other. Together we can develop Scandinavia academic Intensive Care Medicine, the presence of everybody as presenter or discussant will contribute.

A warm welcome

Hans Flaatten
Anne Berit Guttormsen
Sari Karlsson
Hans Kirkegaard
Anders Perner
Ville Pettilä
Sten Rubertsson
Gisli Sigurdson
Jan Wernerman

The Scandinavian Intensivist Meeting is endorsed by SSAI